Popular dishes for February & March

Please try our daily special on the wall

   sushi & sashimi

         *Live Scallop Sashimi

         *Fresh Japan Uni sashimi

         *Surf Clam Sushi & Sashimi

         * Butterfish Sushi & Sashimi

         * Yellowtail o Salmon belly Sashimi or Sushi

         * Ocean Trout Sahimi or Sushi

         * live abalone & giant orange clam 

         * fresh giant sweet shrimp  & king crab       

         * homemade eel wrapped with cooked egg

         * Kamatoro sushi(the most fatty tuna)



   Popular small dishes

         * Daikon Salad ( Japanese radish salad)  with or without Salmon Skin

         * Kurobuta Misoyaki (Grilled Black Natural Pork with  sweet Miso Paste)

         * Ankimo

         * Stewed Beef and Vegie(Gyusuji Nikomi)

         * Chikuzenni (Cooked Vegitable and Chicken with sweet soy sauce)

         *Tuna Poki Salad


                                                 Little Note from Owner Chef

You could eat all of our dish include "Tsuma""(it always put under sashimi), "Shiso", lettece or cabbage. We are making them freshly every day. Also these are good for your body with having dishes not only decoration.